Snowy Owl Photography

Posted by Douglas Brown , Saturday, December 3, 2011 11:03 PM

Although there is concern within the thoughts of birders, and bird photographers, these snowy owls are quite alright with respectful photographers.
Using a decent tele-photo or zoom will result in great shots, without disturbances.
Also getting the shots and getting out is the best option.
At some point in time they need to feed, and the more people who "get that" the better off all will get along.
The birds came to a place where there are many people who use the dike for walks and they are accustomed to seeing people.They like busy airports, and even hang out at the golf course where golfers walk by constantly during the day.

Snowy Owl
More on the return of snowy owls to the area. Apparently about 30 of them

Snowy Owl