What's for lunch?

Posted by Douglas Brown , Tuesday, February 2, 2010 9:26 AM

... as I said I am going to do a series on birds with food
This cooper's hawk was eating away...

when the male came swooping on top of her,
and appeared to be
mating with her.
Multi tasking you could say me thinks.
I got set up with my tripod as near to the tree as I could without spooking.
watching this hawk gulping a pigeon down
and was I ever surprised to see this happen.
All I could think about was get the exposure right
Take many photos,
so at least a few will turn out
You have to thank zoom lenses for this.

2 Response to "What's for lunch?"

graemej Says:

What an amazing picture! Yes, it does bring a bit of smile to your face. The old swoop in while your eating strategy.