Birds and Feeders (not real photogenic)

Posted by Douglas Brown , Monday, January 4, 2010 12:38 AM

I can say I am not a true birder, but definitely a dedicated bird photographer, so posting images of birds on feeders is just not something that I like doing.
I do like to see them eating away, and enjoy viewing the different species, but the man made object doesn't make the cut for composition in my opinion.
That is especially true with hummingbirds and those bright red plastic shiny discs.
My feeders are set up way out in the back of yard, and have nice branch perches around, but for a decent shot I would have to stand in my neighbours yard for the right light.
Needless to say I don't
Today...I was just underneath it and
saw a "red breasted nuthatch".

This is a first see for me and my lens on that feeder.
I had to.
I never said I don't like taking photos for reference only however.
It might be time to do a different set up on the feeder after seeing that one, so that I can have the right sun direction, and no branch clutter.
They love hiding in the holly, then taking turns on the seeds.

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