My Top Ten Photos of 2009

Posted by Douglas Brown , Friday, January 1, 2010 4:03 AM

  • A kestrel falcon who gave a nice pose
    will be used in a book being done in Oslo.
  • A surprise when walking around a corner
    on a trail was this ring necked pheasant
  • This pileated woodpecker had it's tongue inside
    the tree fishing out some food.
  • Finally getting to see the yellow throat,
    and on such a good perch was a thrill.
  • Bald eagles will always make my day,
    and this one had a staring match for a long time.
    He was fine and stayed after I left.
  • More rare around here was the long billed curlew.
    I was lucky to get it on the beach and air.
  • The father on the nest in a protect stance
    while a pesty other osprey was swooping the nest
  • A brief visit got me some photos of
    a mother hummingbird on nest.
    I left when I saw crowds coming like paparazzi.
  • An elusive belted kingfisher,
    finally did some flying close by.
  • And after 2 summers trying
    I eventually got a turkey vulture

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