Eagle Quest

Posted by Douglas Brown , Monday, January 4, 2010 1:08 AM

This really has not been the best winter for getting out and about because of all the rain.
My quest for eagles was limited.
The few days of sun and blue sky found me two nice ones,worth the capture, though I did see many.
The one directly below one was in the snow and it was feeding... so it is a bit hard to see details.

The others had nice light and in my opinion were captured in nice natural elements.
I find Boundary Bay at the end of 72nd one of the best. Driving to Squamish or Brackendale can be uneventful many times, so I choose closer location on the mainland.
Bald Eagle
To hear these birds calling out is an amazing sound.
The one below was doing that so I was thrilled.
Bald Eagle
Then while driving on the 99 HWY I saw this bald eagle having a bath...
Bald Eagle having a bath

Bald Eagle
Stay tuned for some hawks.

2 Response to "Eagle Quest"

Anonymous Says:

Hey, I didn't know you had this blog!! What a treat :) You know what? I really like that snowy eagle shot. Of course all 3 are beautiful!

Douglas Brown Says:

Yeah Amber. I decided to make one of these too. Thanks for the peek